Monday, June 9, 2014

Saturday June 7, 2014-Cherry Hill Park, College Park MD

We decided to do the DC Downtown tour today. This is a tour by the Big Bus co. where we rode downtown to the Union Station in a Gray Line bus and got on one of the upper/lower deck from the Big Bus to ride around to 29 stops throughout the downtown area. 

This is the Freedom Bell, donated by the American Legion for the Bicentennial and cast in 1975 and dedicated in 1981. The bell traveled to all 48 contiguous states via the American Freedom Train.

This is the front of the Union Station, the major transportation hub and train station in Washington D.C. We came here to start our downtown area tours while we were here.

 The front of the US Capitol building. 

 Looking down onto the registration area for tours of the capitol

 Look upward to the Capitol Rotunda. The rotunda measures 96 feet in diameter and rises 180 feet 3 inches to the canopy. No building in Washington DC is allowed to be any taller than the Capitol building.

This is the front of the Museum of American History Smithsonian Museums. It is the only one that we toured. We also ate lunch here at a VERY expensive snack bar. Stella had a cheeseburger and I had four chicken strips with fries and we split a drink with a total bill of almost $20! Notice the green water in the fountain?

I am standing at the Smithsonian, looking back across the street with the algae-green fountain right in front of me. The building directly across the street is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I guess the algae is something special and being protected.....

This is the Peterson House, where President Lincoln was taken after being shot and where he died. The Ford Theater is directly across the street.

This is Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot. As you can tell from the line waiting to enter, it is a very popular attraction. We were all tired and didn't feel like standing in the long line, and just seconds after I took this photo a large group of students got in line, so we were doubly glad we hadn't gotten off.

We returned to the Union Station to wait for our bus back to the park. We were picked up by our friendly driver from the other night, Ralph. We had a nice, quick drive back and we were soon at home and resting from three days of touring. 

I told you that our stay here began on a bad note and I am still upset at the lack of services at a high-priced park, but it is very convenient to park here and have the Gray Line buses pick you up as well as public transportation via Metro. If you are planning a trip here, you would be wise to consider this place.

So long.

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