Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday June 24, 2014-Rock Island KOA, Rock Island Ill.

We went over to Le Claire IA today to visit the Antique Archaeology store where the American Pickers originates. It's about 25 miles away but it was worth it to be able to see so many things that we had seen on the TV show.

The van driven by "the boys" on the show, sitting outside the store. I have no idea if it is just a prop or actually driven by them as they find and buy their pieces.

I have seen this old Volkswagen pickup truck many times on the show, and now I got to see it in person.

The iconic old Nash that sits outside the store, rusting into the ground.

I felt right at home here because we saw many of these items when they were "picked" or bought from the previous owners.

I specifically remember when they bought the old bumper car from a carnival site.

 Lots of old small items line the shelves. I didn't check any prices because we have no interest in these, but they were cool to see.

They seem much more interested in selling their own wares, tee shirts ($20-45-gasp!), hoodies ($45), caps ($20). 

I remember when they bought the Lauren and Hardy heads and Frank wore the Hardy one around.

Remember the tiny little car that they bought for Danielle to drive? Well, here it is and it is Teeny-Tiny. As tall as she is, it doesn't seem as though she could even get in and out.

And of course, none of the stars from the show were there. I didn't really expect to see them, but it would have been a highlight if we had.

So long.

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