Friday, June 20, 2014

Thursday June 19, 2014-Adventureland Resort Campground, Altoona IA

We slept well last night, both of us being tired from our drive over here. The weather looked like rain but it never rained during the day. I wasn't able to get the Dish to work all day but we had hooked the regular antenna and had over-the-air channels to watch, including local news and weather.

Several of the others that are attending the rally including Chapter Leader David L and his family, his Dad, Gary and wife Carol, Nick and Michele and Ray and Judi all arrived and we spent some time chatting and meeting them. David and his Dad had pulled in awning to awning and David had an EZ-Up shelter that he had set up so we have a meeting place. Later in the evening, we were glad that we had this shelter up because we had some heavy rain that blew in. We sat around talking until the rain slacked up and we were able to go home for the night. It wasn't a rally day, but it certainly started the rally off well. Tomorrow the others will arrive and the rally starts!

So long.

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