Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29, 2014-Pine View Campground, Ft. McCoy WI

Today I decided that since we won't be back up in the near future, I should go back down and pick up the rest of the Munzees that I didn't cap on Monday. Stella had just gotten up and didn't want to go out so early, so she fixed me a breakfast of leftover breakfast pizza that was even better the day after than when it was fresh. I capped all day and had a great time. It's fun for me to "people watch" while I am capping Munzees. I can see the puzzlement on people's faces when they see me and I know they wonder what I am doing. I have always been friendly to folks when they ask me and I explain the game to them.

I came home and Stella was making supper, so I laid down on the couch to rest and promptly went to sleep, but after a short nap, I woke and ate another good meal. Ol' Stella takes pretty good care of me!

I want to tell you a bit more about Fort McCoy, where we are staying. The park is on a small part of the Army base, but is separately run. As I have said previously, Michael was stationed here and actually deployed out of this base when he went to Iraq in Operation Desert Storm. When they took us on the tour of the base, they pointed out the actual barracks that Michael was in and Kelly still gets a little teary, remember the bad days when Michael had to go overseas. Again, we appreciate his and all soldiers service.

This base is huge and trains Army reservists from all the surrounding states, but we met some soldiers from El Paso that were here for training. We have grown accustomed to the bugle calls throughout the day and into the night, and of course the sound of gunfire as the trainees learn and familiarize themselves with the weapons they will use. Maybe I'll download reveille and play it for Stella in the morning. And maybe not, I still like her cooking...

So long.

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Tommy said...

I am glad u finally got Stella broke in as to the way she should treat her MAN.