Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday November 28, 2014-Moving day-Serendipity Bay Resort to Inks Lake state park, Burnet TX

We woke about 7AM and took our time drinking our coffee and eating some cereal for breakfast before getting started on packing up to move. I guess we got started a little after 8 and made good time. I went down and talked to a Cyclone owner and invited him to join the forum and had a nice little chat with him. 

We pulled out about 9:45, a bit early. We had been shooting for 10, so we are good. There was little traffic on the roads-guess everyone was Black Friday shopping. We made our only stop at the Buccee's in Bastrop. You may remember that it was just last year when we stopped here just a day or two after the store opened, and today it was PACKED! There were more people per square foot in this store than Wal Mart! I've never seen a Buccee's that was as busy as this one today. I can't believe that there were this many people traveling today and figure that they were either taking a break from the mall or doing some of their Christmas shopping here. 

When we got near the park, we passed another trailer heading toward the park. It was our friends and fellow hosts Dan and Bonnie. When I passed them I blew my horn at them and startled Dan. They had been in town (Burnet) getting some new tires for their trailer. They continued on past as we stopped to check in with the park office and we were soon on our way down to our new "home" for the next month. I will take some pictures of the new site tomorrow because I ran out of daylight today. Our site is right next to my friends John and George and when we walk out the front door, we have a great view of the lake. Of course, the park is full due to the holidays, but we'll have that gorgeous view soon when everyone else leaves. 

I have been looking forward to returning here all year and participating in the deer hunts and I will start bright and early tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how that goes. It's been almost a year since I've had to get up to go to work...

So long.

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