Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday November 5, 2014-Moving Day-Ron Hoover Oasis to Winstar Casino RV Park, Thackerville Oklahoma

We are attending the last rally of the season for us, closing out our summer of travels throughout the entire Central Region. It has been a great summer! 

We were up pretty early to get ready to pull out for the 360 mile drive to Thackerville OK for the Oklahoma chapter rally. We pulled out about 9:30, right on time! We breezed through Houston with no problems until we got to Conroe. About 7 this morning, we noticed a serious accident on the freeway around the Hwy. 105 exit that involved a Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept. patrol car. Unbelievably the patrol car was still in the middle of the freeway surrounded by other police vehicles and a couple of Highway Patrol cars when we came through about 11AM. I can't believe that a traffic accident investigation could take this long! I have investigated many accidents and NEVER took that long to complete it. Of course, I am not privy to the details of the accident and everything involved, but I can certainly understand people's feelings when they drive by an accident scene and several uniformed police officers are standing around watching the traffic. I'm sure that there were several of them that were busy at the time, but I didn't see anyone taking information or measuring the scene.
So much for my rant...

Luckily for us it started to rain on us just after the accident scene and it rained until just before we entered Dallas. The only good thing about the rain is that it knocked most of the bugs off the front cap of the trailer. of course, now there is road grime down the sides and rear cap, but maybe the wash fairy will come by and take care of that for me. It could happen.....

We made it here at about 4:30 and immediately saw several friends and visited with a few before we had to get set up.One other note about setting up. As many of you know, I have been having lots of trouble with the Wingard Carryout antenna and getting it to lock in on a satellite. In fact, we have not been using it for the past few days, using the rooftop antenna. It's very hard to go from over 400 stations to about 8, not counting foreign language stations. I was all prepared to send the antenna back for service in Iowa and had in fact suspended my Dish Network account, believing the antenna would be in the shop for an undetermined amount of time. I figured that the money saved from suspending service would pay a part of the antenna repair. When we got here, I decided to throw it out to see what happened, and of course, it locked right in, so I had to call Dish back to unsuspend my account. We now have great service again. We'll see what happens when we return to La Marque. Wish me luck.

So long.

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