Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saturday November 15 thru Monday November 17, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

Saturday morning was cold and we just stayed inside out of the weather. We had been invited to our friends Tommy and Susan's house for a steak dinner this afternoon. We arrived a bit early to spend some time with our friends and then had a delicious sirloin steak with all the trimmings including a scrumptious key lime pie. It was a great time spent with out friends. We had to leave a bit early because we still had our grandog Oreo. On the way home we heard from Cam that his team had lost both games today in San Antonio and it was raining there. We made it home before the three dogs destroyed the trailer. Actually they are getting along much better now.

It was still cold on Sunday morning so I stayed inside and got caught up with my car and truck shows that come on on Sunday mornings. During that time we got a call from Kim, telling us that they are on their way back home from San Antonio because the rest of the tournament was rained out. They were here a little after noon to pick up Oreo, who was glad to see her Momma. Cameron decided to stay here and watch the football game with us. He only ate twice in the four hours that he stayed here, but remember he's a big ol' growing boy. We took him home and after dropping him off, we went by Baskin Robbins to see Tyler, who was working. Stella gave me a little bit of her ice cream cone before we left. I think our dogs were glad that Oreo was gone.

Monday we scheduled some maintenance to be done on the trailer, repacking the wheel bearings and checking the suspension. We had to slide in the living room slides so the tech could get to the wheels, so after getting everything ready, we left before 8AM so they could get an early start. We needed to go to the grocery store, so we went to the HEB store and then to Sam's club. While there I got a call from the park. telling me that they needed to bring the trailer into the shop because it was too muddy in our site, so we went back home and dropped off our groceries and prepared the trailer to be moved. We went over to Kim's house because Stella had been asked to fix her goulash by the boys. Kim had stayed home to "work from home" today and when we got there we learned that Ray had stayed home too because he wasn't feeling well. Stella started cooking and we got a call that the trailer was ready, so we went home to open everything back up and turn the heater on. When everything was back in order, we went back to Kim's house to eat. By the time we got there, the boys had already eaten (couldn't wait!) so we went ahead and ate our meals with Kim and Ray before coming back home. The doggies were glad to get their house back and we were pretty glad to have everything back in place again, but at least we're ready for more traveling in the spring. Just a few more things to do and it's "On the Road Again"...

So long.

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