Friday, November 14, 2014

Wednesday November 12 2014-Moving day-Rayford Crossing RV Resort to Ron Hoover Oasis

I went to coffee with the guys for the last time for awhile. It was a good thing that I brought coffee with me because the pot there was empty. I still had a good time with my friends but it's time to move on back to the Oasis. 

I went back home and started packing up. We aren't in a big hurry this morning because we only have about 50 miles to go. Someone came by to tell me goodbye and said that traffic was stopped on the Gulf Frwy. because of an accident, so when we pulled out, around 10, we decided to go around on the Beltway to avoid the traffic jam. Of course, when we got on the Beltway I turned the radio to a local channel and they said nothing about a traffic backup, so we spent the money on the toll road needlessly, but we got to see everything that has changed since we were last on it. It was an uneventful trip and before we knew it, we were pulling back into the Oasis and our old site here. I held my breath after setting the satellite antenna up, but after one small move, it hooked up. We did notice some problems with reception when the wind picked up and blew some tree limbs that interfered with the picture but it's all straightened out now. It was good to be back here even if it is only for a couple of weeks.

So long.

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