Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday November 18 thru Friday November 21, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

Tuesday Stella and I drove over to Galveston to do some Munzees scattered on the island. It was a beautiful day and we took advantage. We had some coupons for Whataburger, so we ate there for $8.00. What a deal, we do live on a fixed income...

It was a great day to be outside but most of the Munzees could be captured from the truck as we drove down the seawall boulevard and it brought back memories of my great teenage years in Galveston. I may have told you this story, and I apologize if you've heard it. My Dad was the Ford dealer in Galveston. He gave me a brand new 1965 Mustang GT to drive fir the summer after my senior year in high school. I drove that car from about April until I left for college in September and put 19,000 miles on it and never left Galveston island. Remember that was 1965 and gasoline was @.25 per gallon. Good times...

Wednesday was another pretty day, so I took on some maintenance chores on the trailer. I cleaned and vacuumed the front storage on the trailer and removed and rearranged things there. I serviced the Trail Air king pin and touched up some caulking on the trailer and wiped and cleaned dirty areas on the outside. No washing of trailers is allowed here, as is the rule in most of the parks that we stay in. I plan to get it washed and waxed when we get to the valley in January.

Thursday was a rest day. We did some small chores around here. Stella made some of her firecrackers, fixed her trash can that had been damaged when she closed the slide up on it, bending the sides, started cleaning out the fridge. I took some bad light bulbs out and took them to the parts dept. here. I paid a lot of money for the expensive Starlight LED light bulbs which, have a lifetime guarantee. All that is needed for any Starlight bulb dealer is to have the old (bad) bulbs and they can be exchanged. No receipt is necessary because the company stands behind their product with no questions asked. Great!!

It started raining Thursday and rained all morning on Friday. At least it has warmed up some, to about 67 degrees. Better than several feet or even inches of snow on the ground! 

Tommy and Susan called and invited us to meet them and our Rayford friends Warren and Judy & Jim and Rita at the Top Water Grill restaurant in Bacliff this afternoon. We went over and spent a couple of hours eating a delicious seafood meal and chatting and laughing with our friends. We're leaving on Monday and won't see these folks for a couple of months but we made plans to get together when we return.

So long.

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