Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday November 25, 2014-Serendipity Bay RV Resort

It was cold and cloudy this morning but I went out the first thing in the morning and beat the satellite dish into submission. Actually I just moved it a couple of times and finally took it off the tripod and it finally locked in. It's getting to be a real hassle, guessing what kind of hoops I have to jump through to get the thing to hook up.

We decided to go to the historic Hotel Blessing today and met Stella's niece, her kids and a family friend. When we arrived, Stella's nephew Kevin and his kids were there too for lunch, so it was a mini family reunion. She also saw some others in the restaurant that she knew from town, so she had a very good time. The food as usual, was good and the place was Packed! It is always a treat to go here and extra special to see family and friends. 

The day cleared off and warmed up this afternoon so when we got back home, we sat outside and enjoyed the weather and talking with our neighbors. The park is filling up for the Thanksgiving holiday and we always enjoy watching the others coming in. Some offer a pretty good show, especially when they have to back in. I'll let you know if anyone puts on a particularly good show.

So long.

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