Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday November 30, 2014-Inks Lake state park

We arrived on Friday and I started to work on the deer guide crew on Saturday. Most of the physical work on the blinds and the area around them has already been done, so now all that is left is feeding the deer to keep them in the area. We have the same group of guys that we had last year, so we are all experienced and familiar with each other. John, Chip, George and Dan have gotten all the hard prep work done already and all I have to do is re-familiarize myself with the blinds. Easy-peasy! 

This is our site this year. 

This is the site out our front door. Inks Lake is right across the road from us, so we can see the folks go by in their boats and kayaks.

This is our back yard area. As you can see, we back up to another trailer, belonging to our friends John and Becky. They have assembled a nice sitting area around their fire pit and I'm sure that we'll be spending a lot of time there.

This is the only "downside" to this site, being right next to a restroom. So far, this weekend will be the busiest of this season and it hasn't been an issue. Yes there are a lot of folks that use the restrooms and showers, but it hasn't affected us at all and we usually don't even know they're out there. I park my truck so that they can't cut through our site, so all is well. The dogs are watchful and bark some but they are getting used to them.

The rangers will be back tomorrow, so we'll get our park shirts and get lined out. It's gonna be some fun up here!

So long.

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