Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday November 24, 2014-Moving day-Oasis RV Park to Serendipity RV Resort

Remember in the last entry I said something about the weather guessers? Instead of being wrong, they were just late. After we got home from Tyler's party, it started to rain, and rain it did! It rained very hard all night and I suspect we got more than 5" of rain over night. There was water standing everywhere and lots of water in the grass on Sunday morning. 

We watched football and laid around and in the afternoon, we ran errands and bought fuel for our trip tomorrow. The Texans lost but the cowboys won, so I am sad and Stella is happy.

It turned cooler last night and when I went out to start getting things packed away, I was cold in my shorts and tee shirt. I toughed it out because it didn't take very long to get things done on the shady side of the trailer. Stella had done some of her chores last night and we pulled out about 10:30 or right about time. We made the drive to Palacios without stopping and felt fine in doing so. We pulled in here about 1PM and were soon checked in. 

The lady in the office apologized in advance for the wet and muddy conditions in the park, and man, was she every right! We had an escort to our site but I didn't swing out wide enough and got off in the grass and immediately sunk the tire in the mud but the Dodge came to the rescue and pulled it out. It left mud all over the wheel and tires but I washed it off and it looks okay now. I offered to put sand in the rut I made, but the park attendant wouldn't let me and filled it in by himself. 

It didn't take long to get set up after the cleanup but guess what? Yep, you got it, the satellite antenna wouldn't lock in again. It got good signal strength a couple of times but it wouldn't lock. I finally gave up and hooked up the cable and I'll work on the dish some more tomorrow. 

So long.

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