Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday March 20, 2015-Red Shoes RV Park

We were up pretty early this morning, preparing for our first official rally event, a huge potluck breakfast which was held next door at Jim's site. We furnished the coffee pot and coffee so I took it over and plugged it in about 7:30 so the coffee would be ready by serving time. 

I walked around a bit early and found Cookie and Bernie hanging out while he made some fried potatoes for breakfast. It was foggy and overcast and almost raining on us it was so humid. At least it was warm!

The breakfast was great! There was way more food than we needed and it was all delicious. We sat around visiting with friends after eating and finally went back home about 11. The last attendees arrived a little after noon. Bill and Ornell & Jim and Sheila came in together and we spent some time talking to them. Ornell hadn't been to sleep yet, so we came on back home. The sun was trying to come out and it was getting warm. 

A large group of us decided to go to a restaurant in town called Fausto's Family Restaurant. We had originally planned to go to the casino for a seafood buffet but everyone was still pretty full from breakfast and we decided to try this place out and it was a great choice! The food was really good and we joyed ourselves. 

We came on back home to rest up before an ice cream social. Wow, it seems like all we have done today is eat! The rally has gone very well and Andy should be congratulated. Stay tuned for more rally activities.

So long.

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