Friday, March 27, 2015

Thursday March 26, 2015-Coffee Creek RV Park

And the rains came... We had quite a storm last night with heavy rain, thunder and gusty winds. The ground in the park is already saturated, so this latest rain has left lakes in many sites. 

It was chilly this morning, so it's back to jeans and jackets, at least for today. Typically Texas. 

I have been following 2-L Custom Trucks for a long time and have talked to the owner, Wayland Long several times on the telephone. Wayland is a very personable guy and will answer any questions that you may have about his products. His shop is only about 30 miles from here, so we decided to go over to look at his operations. I had tried to set up a visit last year when we came to this park for the spring rally but Wayland had to close down his shop because there was a Ford prototype at his shop that had to be kept under wraps. 

Wayland is quite a character and we enjoyed talking to him about politics, the government and conditions in the country before taking a tour of his shop. He specializes in big trucks for towing trailers of all types, RV's, horse trailers and equipment. Everything from semi tractors that are converted and modified for private use to pickup trucks to haul an RV. His use of leather and other materials for the interiors of his trucks is outstanding and obviously high quality.

We were able to look at some new trucks that were waiting to be shipped/delivered, some under construction and a couple of new tow beds that are prepared for paint. We were very impressed but I don't think we're able to buy one from him.

After leaving 2-L we traveled back to Weatherford to find the second existing Gibson's store. We went to the other store in Kerrville, so we can say we've been to all their stores. This store is much smaller but we found a few items to buy. Tom had found some cheap diesel at a Shell station the other day when we came over here, so we returned today to get some in my truck. Of course, the prices have risen but it was still a pretty good deal and I partially filled the tank. We can easily make it to our next stop and beyond.

We came back home to get ready to go out to eat at the Brazos River Cafe for their delicious catfish. We have eaten here in the past and have enjoyed it. Chapter Leader Nancy had called ahead and made reservations for our group so everything went off without a hitch. It certainly does help to be prepared!

After supper we returned to the park and several of us went to the rally hall for some dominoes. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed ourselves. More to come as the rally kicks off!

So long.

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