Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday March 23, 2015-Moving Day-Red Shoes Casino RV Park to K.E. Bushman Camp, Bullard TX

We were up pretty early to get started in the move-out procedures. It was cloudy and chilly, but the weather is supposed to warm up later in the day. I wore my shorts, believing in the weather reports and thank goodness it worked out. Actually I stayed warm by working steadily.

We've had a great time here in Louisiana and feel pretty certain that we'll return here sometime. If you are a long time reader, you might remember that we came to this casino on a bus trip from Rayford Crossing in 2009. It was a much cheaper trip and we still didn't win any money. I think the machines are rigged!

We pulled out about 9:30 or right on time. There are four trailers making the trip to Bullard. We all pulled out together but it didn't take long for us to become separated. That's all right because we all know the way we're going and the final destination today, so it all worked out. 

We pulled in here in Bullard about 2:30, making good time. We had made one stop to allow the others to catch up but learned that they had made an early stop. We only made one pit stop, allowing everyone to gather up again, but as soon as we left, Zoom went a couple of the rigs, leaving Mike and I to bring up the rear. Oddly enough, I was the first in line to register here. I don't know how we got ahead, but it wasn't a race and it really doesn't matter who was first.

After a very light supper, we were ready for some relaxation. We'll be on the road again tomorrow.

So long.

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