Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday March 11, 2014-Oasis RV Park

The weather has been lousy the last few days, cold and rainy. I don't know how many feet of rain has fallen but it rained all night Monday night and all day yesterday. I'm growing webs between my toes.

A good friend of mine and the man that hired me in Dickinson, Wayne Cook, dropped by to see us soon after we arrived here and told me that there is usually a group of law enforcement retirees that meet at Kelley's restaurant in La Marque on Wednesday mornings. I either forgot about it or we had something else to do but today I left myself an alarm on my phone to remind me to get up and go. It worked, and I drove over to the restaurant about 7:30. I didn't know what time the guys would arrive, so I went early to be safe. They started to arrive a little after 8 and when all of them were there, they were all from the Galveston Police Dept. Well, my friend Freddy Poor was there. He worked many years for Galveston PD, ending his career there as Chief of Police before switching over to the Sheriff's Office, where he ended that career as Sheriff of Galveston County. Very impressive! There were other legendary GPD retirees with us this morning and we all exchanged lots of stories (all true) and memories of our careers. It was a very nice time with old friends and colleagues from the old days.

It started to rain again this afternoon, so we went to the store to buy groceries and hang out at home, warm and dry.

So long.

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