Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday March 27, 2015-Coffee Creek RV Park

It was another cool morning here but it warmed up soon. Tom and Marti invited us to go over to Mineral Wells to visit the Crazy Water store there where they sell three varieties of the mineral water that gives the city it's name. We sampled all three but decided that we could live without it and didn't buy anything.

We then traveled over to Palo Pinto, the county seat of Palo Pinto county and the home of the Old Jail Museum. This consists of the old jail, some outdoor cells and several buildings including houses, barns and a blacksmith shop. I wish I had my camera with me and perhaps I'll get a chance to go back before we leave. 

We went back to Weatherford and found the Pulido's Mexican restaurant for lupper (lunch/supper) and we enjoyed a very nice meal. I don't know if we were just hungry for Mexican but the food was very good. Because of the time that we ate, the place was almost empty, so the service was good. I'll keep that in mind for the future. 

We came back to the park and hung out until our scheduled ice cream social meet and greet, and of course, it was very popular and the ice cream excellent. Who doesn't love Blue Bell? We sat around chatting with our friends until some domino games broke out. Some chose not to play and others decided to go home to spend time with their animals, who were feeling neglected. 

There was a guy in the park that was flying his drone helicopter around. It was lit up with red and green lights and he was doing tricks with it and flying it very high above the park. It was pretty cool to watch.

So long.

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