Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday March 19, 2015-Red Shoes Casino

Today started out cloudy and it remained that way most of the day. This as better than the rain that had been forecast. The rally hasn't officially begun yet and nothing was planned for today. The living room air conditioner had stopped working yesterday when we arrived but we have a bedroom TV that worked and kept us cool for the time being. I decided to work on fixing it and tried a couple of suggestions that had been given to me by friends that are here but they didn't work. I called Dometic, the manufacturer of the a/c unit and they no longer have customer service but referred me to some local dealers. The first one that I called told me what the error code meant. After doing some more reading he called me back and told me what to look for and.....TA-DAH !!! I fixed it. It was a very simple fix of a loose wire, so it really wasn't rocket science but I felt good about making the repair.

Since I was feeling so mechanical, I walked next door to see what Jim was doing to his brand new Landmark 365. He had found a small water leak and wanted to change out a water filter and add one of his own. I helped him for a couple of hours by fetching parts and tools and turning the water off and on when needed. Again, not science but a valuable help and it made me feel good about helping him.

We all got cleaned up and went over to the casino for lunch. We went to the Gumbeaux Sports Bar and had an assortment of sandwiches and light lunch items and then went into the casino where Jim and Nancy got their casino cards. They stayed and gambled some but the rest of us came back to the RV park to rest. It looked rainy, so I took advantage and tried to nap but only dozed a bit. It was restful and I needed it after playing Mr. Goodwrench all morning. 

We all got together late in the afternoon in our yard. We started off by watching Jim install a check light on the front of his trailer to show when his inverter was on and powering his refrigerator. Before the evening was over, the entire rally group had come over to visit. Very enjoyable evening. To cap it off, Stella broke out the Fireball and some other odds and ends of adult beverage and everyone left very mellow and relaxed. 

We're having a big breakfast in the morning and going to the casino for the seafood buffet tomorrow night, so we should be full at the end of the day tomorrow. I'll probably have a bowl of Wheaties in the morning and a piece of broiled fish with some asparagus for supper but we'll see.

So long.

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