Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday March 15, 2015-Oasis RVPark

Our time here is almost done for now. We will be leaving for an abbreviated rally circuit soon, for the new Louisiana chapter rally in Kinder LA. We have decided to go to a new RV park when we return. There are just too many problems with this place, lack of reliable WIFI, mud on all streets, sites very close together, flaky and loud neighbors, etc. The police have been out several times to visit one neighbor in the first couple of weeks of our stay here. The woman from that trailer came over Sunday morning, asking for help because she thought her car had been stolen from the city of Webster. She needed a ride to Webster to make the theft report but I didn't volunteer. She must have located it because I saw her drive up in it a couple of hours later. Too much drama for me...!

Saturday we met my brother Phil and his wife Carol at the 888 Restaurant in League City for our last meal with them. We had a very nice visit with them, talking about the old times and just catching up in general. We had been slated to go to one of Cameron's baseball games today but it was cancelled due to a muddy field after the heavy rains we have had. We will get to go to others when we return in April.

Sunday we met Kim, Ray and Cameron at Beyond Burgers in Texas City. Tyler and Austin are on a Texas City high school band spring break trip to Disney World in Florida. Lucky kids! We didn't get to take cool trips like that when I was in school... We had a great time visiting with them and all enjoyed our burgers as well. 

We returned home and began making early preparations for leaving on Monday. 
On the road again!

So long.

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Melissa said...

any plans to come this way before you leave Texas?