Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tuesday March 24, 2015-Moving Day-K.E. Bushman Camp to Coffee Creek RV Park

Will winter never end! We woke to cold temps (58) but the skies were clear and the temps soon rose. I knew it was cool outside but wanted to wear shorts, and it worked out well. By arrival time the temps were in the 80's.

Today started off all wrong for me. I went outside to see who was out and about to drink some coffee before getting started on packing up. As I walked down the steps on the trailer, my new bifocal eyeglasses played a trick on me and I missed the bottom step. Down I went, but at least it was in the soft grass. I wasn't hurt, or at least I wasn't hurt at the time. I later found that I had sprained the muscle in my left thigh and had numerous bruises and was very stiff and sore the next morning. The biggest bruise was to my ego but that will go away eventually. Please don't tell anyone how clumsy I am.

The next bad luck came as we stopped at a rest stop on I-20. Edward and Susan were following us and while stopped, Edward noticed a nail or probably a brad in the left rear tire on the trailer. There was no air leaking so we decided to go to a truck stop with a tire shop to get it checked. We soon found a Love's store that advertised a tire repair shop but when we got there, they didn't have one after all. We pushed on to a Flying J that did have a shop but they only worked on big truck and trailer tires. Darn. There was another tire shop on the feeder road but they too only work on large tires. Another darn. Since we had driven over 70 miles after discovering the nail, we decided to go on to the park.We made it without any more incidents, but not so for Edward and Susan. They had stopped at a Blue Beacon truck wash at the Love's station for a truck and trailer wash as we have done many times in the past, and while being washed, one of the back windows of their trailer shattered. Wow, not a good day for the home team!

After arrival and set up, we began to relax with our friends that were already here. The weather was nice and we sat around visiting but I soon went in and sat down on the couch and was soon fast asleep. Of course when I woke I was stiff and sore from my fall this morning. I was rested but hurting. I'll take some aspirin tonight and should be all better in the morning. We'll see!

So long.

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