Sunday, February 28, 2016

Friday February 26, 2016-Palms RV Park

Today we met Tommy and Susan at Tookies restaurant in Seabrook. This is one of our favorite specialty sandwich stores and we eat here as often as possible. We met them about 4 PM so that we can head over to Deer Park to watch Cameron play baseball.

Today, Cam is playing on the varsity baseball team and is scheduled to pitch as the closer tonight. Since he is only a sophomore, he has been apprehensive about playing with the older boys, but I think today has made him a regular on the team. We'll see...

The South Houston team came out swinging, and scored 5 runs in the first inning. Then they followed in the second inning, scoring 1 run. For some reason the coach insisted on leaving the pitcher in, trying to get him to "work through it" and solve his own problem, but by the third inning the Texas City boys were down by 8-0 when they brought Cam in the third inning, down two more runs scored this inning and the bases loaded with no outs. Cam then got them out of the inning, striking out two batters. Whew!

The RC boys came back, scoring 6 runs when Cam came up in the 6th inning with the bases loaded, hitting a long fly into right field, scoring 2 runs and making the score 8-6. Cam continued to dominate in pitch, striking out 7 of 10 of the next batters, with the last three hitting easy-catch fly balls into the outfield. Cam was relieved in the 7th inning and his team won by 11-9 in the final inning. Wow, what a nail biter!

Tommy and Susan invited us to come by their house after the game to see the progress that their new yellow lab, Brie has been making. Brie replaced Tess, a wonderful yellow lab that was one of the best-trained dogs ever. She was trained as a search dog for missing people, and of course, had to be obedience trained before being search-trained. She was superbly trained, responding to both verbal and hand signals. 

Brie is only a few months old and is making improvement but she will need more work before any competitions but Tommy will keep working on her. While at their house, they recommended some television shows showing dog training and general information on dogs. We ended up watching a show on reading and identifying problems in your dog's poop. Yes, thats right, dog poop! It was informative and we all laughed about it when we thought about the show that we were watching. It takes a special person to watch a show about poop! 

So long.

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