Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday February 4, 2016-Cottonwood RV Park

A group of Heartlanders met this morning at the Progresso border crossing to go into Mexico for the morning. Jim and Nancy and Kevin and Nelly and some others agreed to meet with Tom and Marti, Mike and Korine, Dave and Nancy and us at the parking lot where we always meet before crossing.  

Soon after making the crossing we made our way to Angel's Restaurant that is located on the fourth floor of a building on the main drag of Progresso. The first floor is a large liquor store with a dental office on the third floor of the building. We didn't go to the second floor and don't know what is there. The restaurant offers a deejay playing music which is pretty nice. 

The restaurant was very busy today and the waitstaff could not keep up. We gave our drink orders but they were delayed. My margarita was very slow to be delivered and Nancy's water that she ordered was never delivered. The food, when delivered, was tasteless. At the end of the meal, we were full but unsatisfied. I doubt that we'll return to Angel's

We stopped at the pharmacy and made our last purchases of medicines before departing Mexico for the last time this yer. We came back home to rest and recuperate and Jim called to invite us to an entertainment performance at the Holiday Village but we were too tired to go anywhere. We weren't too tired to go to Dairy Queen later in the afternoon for an ice cream snack. A nice way to end the day!

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

We were over there too around noon or so for a couple of hours. We ate at Cheddar's about 3:30 - about the only time you can get right in that place. I too was too tired to go play cards.

Ted and Donna said...

We were over there from about noon to close to 3:00. We came back to eat at Cheddar's around 3:30. That is about the only time you can get right in without a wait. I too was too tired to play cards in the evening.