Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday February 2, 2016-Cottonwood RV Park

We've been busy with friends arriving in the valley and having fun with the friends that are already here. We've been out to eat more since we've been here than we have in the last several months, but the food is delicious and cheap down here, and it's all about the fun isn't it?

Tom and Marti came down, arriving on Sunday. They came over here for a visit and we were able to sit outside in the delightful weather and catch up with them. Jim and Nancy B. came down yesterday and I talked to them on the phone, but we haven't gotten together with them yet but will see them tomorrow at the Ron Hoover open house.

Today we took Tom and Marti to Gonzales Burgers, which they haven't been to before. We met Dave and Nancy there and we all enjoyed the huge burgers and being together again. Remember, both couples went to Creede Colorado this past summer and it was good to get back together with them.

After our meal, we drove them around the area, showing them some of the other parks and ending up at the Riverside Grill. We were all still full of hamburgers so we didn't eat but did have something to drink (unsweetened tea for me!). It was nice to sit by the Rio Grande river and watch it flow. It brought back memories of Creede, which is near the headwaters of the river. It was a nice rest stop for the afternoon. 

I should have more after tomorrow's open house, so please check back.

So long.

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