Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday February 21, 2016-Palms RV Park

After all the food we ate late last week, my blood pressure took an upward spike on Monday, so I cut waaaay back on my food intake and managed to get it back into line in a couple of days. It never went to a dangerous level but it was somewhat elevated but back in line now.

We went to a couple of Cameron's baseball games and he and his team made good showings, winning their games. Cam made some good plays in the field (3rd  base) and got some good hits. He looked good when he pitched for an inning in one of the games, striking out two batters.As warm as it is during the day, it has been cool at night and long sleeves or a light jacket feel pretty good. At least it's not freezing or snowing like some places.

We stayed home mostly at night and rested up, with me trying to watch my food intake. I feel much better but have purposely not weighed myself, for fear that I will have lost a few pounds, which will cause me to go off the wagon and overeat again, so I'll wait a few days and see how I'm doing.

Saturday we went over to Kim's house for Stella to make her famous goulash that the boys love. I learned that Cameron had gotten a warning ticket for an improper turn, so Kim asked me to go for a ride with him driving to see what I thought about his driving abilities. I was actually impressed with him and told him so. I did offer a bit of advice on some things he can improve but overall he did a good job.

Our good friends Bill and Ornell came in to Houston today for Bill to get some medical treatment tomorrow. We went up to the Advanced RV Resort to visit with them and to go out to eat. We tried the Tacqueria del Sol in Houston but it had gotten some really good reviews on Yelp for having the best tacos in town and the place was PACKED! I guess the good report had made lots of folks try it out today, so we'll have to try it another time. We tried another favorite of ours, Cafe Adobe on Westheimer but found that it had closed or moved. I remembered another Mexican restaurant that we liked named Molina's Cantina, much further out on Westheimer. It is only a few miles but the traffic was very heavy and we finally made it. It was well worth the wait and we all enjoyed our food. We enjoyed our time with our friends and we returned to their RV park to relax and have some coffee with them. We spent a couple of hours with them but had to come home to take care of little Trampie. He missed us and was glad to see us, but most of all to let him outside. It was a good day...

So long.

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