Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday January 15, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

I woke to cold rain falling that lasted all day long. The weather never got above about 56 degrees, not very cold when you remember that last weekend it didn't get above the freezing mark all day on Saturday. The temperature was much better, but with the rain, it was still pretty miserable. In the afternoon, I checked the rain gauge and found almost 4 inches of rain had fallen overnight and all day today.

I only checked the restrooms in the RV section since no one was in the tent area. I had learned yesterday that there is a 15 tent group coming in today, even in the rain! They weren't here yet, so I only checked one set of restrooms. So far this job has been great, with only clean restrooms that didn't need much attention but I'm sure that will change soon.

Our good friends Tom and Judy came up from the Lakeview RV park where they are staying while Judy gets treated at the M.D. Anderson hospital nearby. Judy looked very good, considering she has just finished up her chemo treatment. She tires easily, so we didn't do anything but sit around in Bob and Christina's beautiful classic Landmark trailer, admiring her new additions. Jerry and Joanne came over to visit for a while but Joanne had a doctor appointment and Jerry went back to their motorhome. The six of us decided to go get something to eat at where else but Tony's in Sealy. Everyone seems to love the country style restaurant and they didn't fail us today. We had a great waitress named Linda, who gave us some great service. We have been waited on by Linda before, so we knew service was not going to be a problem and the food is always good here, and there is always plenty of it. In fact, the last time we were there. Linda came by and looked at our portions. She said that if we had not gotten enough to eat, she would go back and get more. Believe me, we had plenty of food!

We finished the meal with some wonderful pie and cake. I know, those of you that read this and know of my fight with diabetes will wonder how I can eat sweets and keep this boyish figure and my blood sugar in check, but trust me, it's happening. Without going into details and getting in trouble by releasing confidential medical records (HIPPA laws you know), my blood sugar is well in check. My daily blood sugar levels are just a tiny bit high, but not too bad and nothing like they have been.

We had a nice visit after finishing up our meal, and some of the employees noticed how much fun we have. We explained to them that we are all full time RVer's and had met a few years ago. We all have the same brand trailer (Heartland) but different models. Three different families from three different states and traveling in different areas of the country but meeting once or twice a year at an RV rally really give us a lot to talk about. We talked, laughed and cut up to the delight of the restaurant employees. We always have a great time with our good friends.

After hugs and handshakes, we departed the restaurant and came back home. On the way back home, I decided to go over to the tent area to check the restroom. Believe it or not there were two tents set up over there. One was right across the street from the restrooms and I noticed that the back side of the tent was actually in standing water. I couldn't believe anyone would stay there overnight, but there was the proof. The other tent was a little further away from the restroom but it was there and set up for the night. I picked up a little trash in the restroom but it didn't need any other attention. We drove through the group camping section but no one was there yet. I stopped to check the RV restroom and had my first experience with fining a lady in the restroom. I am particularly careful when entering the women's restroom, knocking first and listening for a reply. I only open the door a crack and call out before opening it further to call out again if there is no response. When I cracked open the door, I saw a lady who was completely dressed, drying her hair. Embarrassed, I left and got Stella to go check inside for me. She said the lady asked her if that had been her husband and she told them that I am a park host and was only checking the restroom. They came out laughing at me, so I guess I'm not in trouble. I later heard on my park radio that the tenters had left, giving in to the cold rainy weather. I don't blame them.

So long.

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Norton Family said...

Love Tony's in Sealy. Glad you guys are enjoying SFA. It is one of our favorite parks. We have reservations out there in June.