Friday, January 1, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday, December 29 & 30th 2009-Moving days-Via Bayou RV Park to S. Toledo Bend SP

Today we moved from Via Bayou RV Park to Bill and Ornell's house in Port Arthur. We plan to stay there only overnight and to go to the South Toledo Bend state park in Onacoco Louisiana the next day.

We left Via Bayou a few minutes after 12 and made it to Bill's house about 2 o'clock without incident. We didn't unhook the truck from the trailer so we can leave first thing in the morning. Bill backed the trailer in for me because he is so much more familiar with getting into his driveway. All I had to do was hook up the water and electricity for the overnight stay. We used the air antenna for television.

I guess I'm just getting paranoid about the truck, but now I notice every little noise or misstep of the truck. I hope to be able to put off buying another truck for a few months, preferable a year or more after we finalize the sale of the house. Hope it lasts that long....

We hung out with Bill all afternoon but when Ornell got home we went to HEB with them to buy our groceries for the weekend. After getting the groceries, we returned to their house and put everything away before we went to eat some good mexican food at one of Bill's favorite restaurants.

It had begun to rain in the afternoon and continued all night long. Poor Ornell got called out to work during the night but she made it to work in the morning. Bill and I woke pretty early and went to the local donut shop to get a couple of donuts for Stella and I for breakfast.

It was pouring rain all morning but we pulled out around 11 o'clock. We made good time to the state park in Louisiana. This is our first trip over here and we look forward to a very nice time at this park. It will be good to see our old friends Ricky and Dee, Harry and Judy and Bill's neighbors Will and Tammy and their son Garrett. Bill's son Seth and his wife Diana and their girls Lily and Lexxie are coming for one night and will stay with Bill and Ornell.

So long.

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