Friday, January 1, 2010

Saturday December 26-28th. 2009-Moving Day & packing up

We left Palacios on Saturday to go to Dickinson to finish packing up our stuff that was still in the house. We have reached a deal with an investor to buy the house and we hope that it will close by the middle of January. We made the trip to Via Bayou RV park between Dickinson and Texas City where our friends Harry and Judy have been. Stella managed to get us a site right next door to them, so we surprised them when we came in. They had no idea that we would be coming there, since our plans had changed. We were supposed to have gone to Port Arthur to visit Bill and Ornell at their house for a few days before we went to Louisiana for New Years eve.

We thought we'd gotten most everything out of the house, but we soon learned how much we had left behind. We knew that all of our old bank records were there but didn't remember how many there actually were. It seemed like we loaded and loaded on papers and took them to storage, with the intention to go through them and shred everything we can, but that will wait until we get to Stephen F. Austin. We will go down on one of our days off and get them and bring them back to the park and will sit outside and shred for as long as it takes.

We got to spend some more time with Kim, Jeremy and the boys before we left, so that was good. We won't be back down here for a long time, in May when we will be at Timber Ridge and can see them again.

That's all we did through Tuesday, work in the house and get it ready to go. We will be so glad to be rid of the house. If there is one thing I could wish for in my retirement is to have been able to get the house sold before we retired so we wouldn't have to do all this. Its all working out, but please pray for us that this sale goes through.

So long.

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