Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thursday January 21, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

We got up this morning to go see Bob and Christina and Jerry and Joanne as they pulled out for Blanco state park. This will be their first stop on a long summer trip into Canada and ending in Alaska. After hugs and handshakes, they pulled out around 9 o'clock.

Some of our other friends are coming in today, Ted and Donna and Tommy and Susan. Ted and Donna arrived first, but Tommy was only about 30 minutes behind them. We had gone to the office to reserve their sites, but when Tommy got here, he changed his mind and changed to site #21, right behind us. We had put Ted and Donna into #25, which is right in front of us, so we are in a row with a huge area for our yards. We really didn't need all that, but its nice to have it. We have had a herd of deer that has been sleeping in the brushy area behind our site and they returned tonight.

After everyone got set up, we sat around and visited in the afternoon before going inside to take our naps. Stella had fixed some of her soup/goulash and some cornbread, so supper was made. Donna had made some Bisquik shortcakes to go with some strawberries and blueberries that she had left over from one of her meetings, so we had everything for berry shortcakes but no Cool Whip or whipped cream. Ted and I decided to go try to get some for us and went to a very small store here in San Felipe, the truck stop/grocery store also in San Felipe, another service station that had groceries in Sealy and finally, after no one else had it, Wal Mart in Sealy where we finally found it. Susan had called Tommy when she left work in the Woodlands and we barely beat her back to the park from our search for Cool Whip. Ted bought a couple of bottles of wine for Donna, and I wondered what the Wal Mart employees thought about two good looking older men buying wine and whipped cream.....

We came back here and had a very nice meal with our friends and sat around for a little while outside until the skeeters ran us back inside. The weather is still very cool at night, although not nearly as cold as it was a few days ago. We're looking forward to a fun weekend with our friends.

So long.

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