Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wednesday January 20, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

It is still cool in the mornings here, but the daytime temperatures are pretty moderate now. I'm sure that this will change at some point and winter will return, but its nice now. We ate a quick breakfast here in the trailer and went on the restroom rounds. It hasn't been too bad so far with the restrooms but at least we have a cart to ride around in. I am still getting my walks in but they are strictly pleasure walks now and don't have work attached to them.

Bob and Christina had taken their trailer to Camping World yesterday to have a hole drilled into it for a new TV cable to Bob's new Hi Def TV. He had bought a new HD antenna and needed a new cable, so he took it to the store's service department to have the hole drilled in and then sealed. Bob certainly deserves to have a nice hi definition television, so now he has everything he needs to watch the big games in hi def.

Bob had also ordered new tires for the trailer and went back to the store to have them installed. when they finished the tire installation, they told him that the wheel bearings were bad, so he had to bring the trailer back today to have them installed. They are going to Alaska this summer (lucky dogs...) and need to make these preparations for that long trip.

When they got back to the park, we decided to go out to eat tonight for our last meal together before they leave tomorrow. We got together with them and Jerry and Joanne around four o'clock and decided on the Texas Roadhouse for supper. We all had a great meal and a very nice visit with our good friends. We will certainly miss them.

So long.

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