Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thursday & Friday January 28 & 29, 2010, Stephen F. Austin SP

Here are some of the many birds that feast at our bird feeder. These pictures were taken by Stella from the side window of the trailer. What a view!
One of the redbirds eating some of the food that was thrown on the ground by the other birds.

This squirrel was also eating on the ground. He had been climbing up the metal pole to get at the birdseed until I put up a paper plate to keep him down.

Hey, who the heck did this to me? Can't a poor little squirrel get something to eat around here?

Maybe I can just pull this thing down and climb over it. There's plenty of delicious food just inches away. Hmmmm maybe I can just eat the edges off this plate and get up there!

I'm tired, gonna go find a snack on the ground. I'm sure those birds knocked a lot of food off for me to eat.

Made it! Now to dine!

Oh boy, oh boy....!

These two days we didn't do anything but do our chores. Pretty boring stuff. It is fun to just sit and watch the birds, and of course, there is the herd of deer that lays down in the high grass behind our site. We leave next week for the Rio Grande Valley for a month but we'll be back here in March. I don't know if we'll have this same site, although it would be all right with me if we did. We'll just have to wait and see whats available when we return.
So long.

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