Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday & Tuesday January 18 & 19, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

We again used our days off to run our personal errands that required us to be out of the park.

On Monday we went to Camping World to get a replacement screen door latch because ours had broken. Of course, they have a right hand and a left hand latch and we didn't know which one to get. I chose the right hand one, but it turned out to be wrong. In fact, neither one would work on our trailer because there a slot on one side that makes the latch sit down into the screen door frame, so I'll have to order one from Heartland.

We ran into Bob and Christina and Jerry and Joanne at CW. Bob wanted to ask if they could drill a hole through the trailer for him to run his new HD antenna, and while there we looked at some trailers. Although none of us want or need a new trailer, we still like to look. At least they didn't have a salesman to lead us around and we could look at and comment on any trailer that we saw on the lot. Bob is having trouble with his television and I am having trouble with my Internet connection. I had decided to install an outside antenna for some increased reception, which Bob has already done with the exact antenna that I wanted. He told me that I could buy the antenna at the Flying J truck stop, so we decided to stop by and pick one up.

Before we did this, we decided to go eat some lunch at the Cheddars restaurant near Katy. Although there was a wait to get in, we decided to stay. It was well worth it because we all enjoyed our meal. After finishing up, Stella and I went to Sam's club to buy some supplies that we will split with Bob and Christina. When we got that done, we stopped off at the Flying J and made our purchase there and came back home.

Tuesday I looked at the antenna that I had bought at Flying J and decided it would not work, so we took it back when we went back to Camping World to return the screen door latch. Let me tell you, it exhausting being retired and having to run all these errands. There isn't enough hours in the day to get all this done and work too.

So long.

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