Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday January 3, 2010-Moving day-S. Toledo Bend SP to Stephen F. Austin SP

Today was the day that everyone dreads, going home day or in our case, moving day to another park. Of course, Harry and Judy were doing much the same as we are, but in their case they were returning to the Via Bayou park. We are going to the Stephen F. Austin state park in San Felipe TX. We will be park hosting there and are looking forward to it. I dropped off an application for S. Toledo Bend with Connie one of the park rangers for next year.

We left the park about 10:30 and made good time back. We made a couple of pit stops along the way and got to SFA about 2:30. We spoke to the same lady that hired me in the office. She told me that the park rangers are off on Monday and Tuesday, so for me to come in to work on Wednesday morning about 9 or 9:30. Wow, just got to work and have two days off. I like this gig already!

We got all hooked up including the porch being put up, so we're home for a month. This is a nice little park but there is no wifi and we must be nearly out of range for the air card because the reception is very slow. At least I got good signal strength on the dish, so we've got good television reception.

Today is my birthday. I got calls from Jennifer and Melissa and got about 40 Happy Birthday wishes on my Facebook account but no one bought me that new Nikon camera that I want LOL. I'm sure it's being shipped and is in the mail. A better present for me would be for the man that's going to buy the house to call and tell me his check is ready so we can close and be rid of it. Actually, I feel so lucky to be living the life that I want to and traveling where I want to go. Everyone should be so lucky.

So long.

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