Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday January 16, 2010-Stephen F. Austin SP

We woke this morning to cold temperatures but no rain. We had been forecast with at least a 50% chance of rain all day today, but it didn't show up. It's pretty mushy outside and we really don't need any more right now. I had an idea one time to try to figure out a way to save these rainy times when they're not needed and use them during the summer when its hot and dry but nothing ever came of it. It's probably true what they say about not fooling with Mother Nature...

While making my morning restroom checks I ran into Christina who told me that she and Joanne were thinking about going to a movie this afternoon. I came home and told Stella of their plans. When I finished with my chores around here, I got all settled in for an afternoon of football. Today is the second round of the playoffs and congratulations go to those "Who Dat" New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts.

Stella called around five o'clock, telling me to go pick up Bob and Jerry and for us to meet them at Orlando's Pizza in Brookshire. We did after I unloaded several boxes of papers that need to be shredded. Everyone enjoyed the buffet and we even got to watch more of the football game there. We came back home and watched more television until bedtime.

I like to read the obituaries. No I'm not morbid but since I've had a few more birthdays than many, I'm checking to see if I made the list but nobody told me. I want to check to see if any old friends or acquaintances have passed on so I can pay my respects. I also miss some of the old timey names that people were hung with, not the fancy-schmancy names that the younger generation uses. Sturdy names, historic names, biblical names, unusual names and sometimes downright funny names. People today use more popular names and there are several websites for names. Facebook even ranks names by popularity and years that that particular name was popular. I'm pretty happy with mine and don't really care how it ranked back in the day.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Don't be messing with the Cincinnati Bengals "who dey." They aren't in the playoffs and overall don't have a great record but they are our original football team.