Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday January 9. 2010-Stephen F.Austin SP

It was 17 degrees in the park this morning but we made it through without any problems. I had wrapped the water line with insulation. I had bought a water line heater strip but it turned out to be for hard lines so I didn't use it. I didn't want to melt my water line.

I got an email from our friends Tommy and Susan that they were coming by for a visit later today. I went on my Park Host round, checking the restrooms both in the RV area and the tent area. After checking the RV area, I walked back into the group area and found a large group of scouts that had spent the night in their tents. Oh to be young again.....Their restroom didn't need any work, so I checked the tent area where another small group had spent the night in one of the screen shelters, but again everything was fine. I stopped and chatted with some of the other campers along my path and a couple of them said that their water lines had frozen. We talked a bit about their plans to solve their problem and I went back home.

Tommy and Susan arrived around noon. We walked around the area where we are parked and they made up their mind about the sites they would like to have when they return near the end of January. With that done, we went into Sealy to get some lunch. We went to the best restaurant in town, Tony's restaurant. They serve a cafeteria-style lunch that was very tasty. We all enjoyed our meal and after finishing up, we all had some of the great pie that they serve. Man, that some good stuff!

Tommy took us to find some more propane for our tank that had run out overnight. We went to the hardware store but all they do is sell full bottles. We drove down to Brookshire to the propane store there but they had already closed so we went to the Flying J service station where we got all filled up. We returned home and they left to drive back to their home in Deer Park. We will be glad to see them return to the park to visit.

I went on my second Park host round and checked all the restrooms but found nothing that needed attention, so I returned home and into the warm trailer. Today is our trailer's birthday. We picked it up from Camping World a year ago today. It still looks good for a one year old.

So long.

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