Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friday October 29-Sunday October 31, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Michael played for us this weekend and gave his usual great performance. It did seem as if he has toned his music down a little bit, but it was still a good time had by all.

Here are some of the mixed-drink-makers getting ready for the judging. The drinks had to consist of at least 25% beer with the rest being a liquor of their choice. I didn't judge this one, since I'm not supposed to drink. Stella was working, so she couldn't participate either.

Here are the judges, many in their costumes, sampling the drinks. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Here are the two female costume finalists, dancing around as they prepared for the final judging. Debbie, in the white "trailer trash" costume won the trophy.

Here are the men entries in the costume contest. Everyone had a good laugh at the costumes and guess which one won?

Yep, here's the winner! John was a knockout in his g-string and pasties, but the cigar in his mouth made the costume complete.

Here are Mike and D'Arcey with their son the policeman, winners of the family costume event.
We went out to eat with Ted and Donna and Tommy and Susan at Mel's Country Cafe in Tomball on Friday night. We came back here and had a very nice campfire and sat outside in the cool night air until about 10:30.
After all the festivities on Saturday afternoon, I was pretty full from judging the chili cookoff and wasn't real hungry, so we went out to eat at Double Dave's Pizza with Tommy and Susan, Jim and Reta and Pete and Jean. It was a very good time with our friends, and we got back in plenty of time to go to the street party. We sat out by one of the firepits until almost 10, when the party started breaking up.
We all had a great time this weekend and you missed a good time if you weren't able to come to Rayford. The rest of the Winter Texans will be in this week, so the gang will be back together again. Let the fun begin...

So long.

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