Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday October 4, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

You know, I've said it before, it's great to be back here at Rayford. I got up this morning after having to change the way I've been waking recently. I usually wake very early to read the newspapers and catch up on the blogs that I follow before going back to sleep until 7:30 or 8, even as late a 9 once or twice. Now that I'm back here, I go down to have coffee with the guys again, so I'm trying to sleep a little later and shower about 6:30 or so and go down for coffee about 7.

I came back home and Stella was up and ready to go down to our storage to return the small fridge to get it out of our way. We didn't actually leave here until almost 11, but we got it done and made good time to Texas City, got our refrigerator dropped off and picked up the old vacuum cleaner. We went to a repair store because this one had stopped picking up like it should, so we were going to have it repaired. The man at the store explained to us that our old one never had real good suction and offered to make a trade for one of his new ones that had greater pickup power and was much lighter. We made the deal and were soon on our way back to Houston.

We stopped off at the Lakeview RV Park where Bill and Ornell were. She just had some surgery done to her neck and was recovering nicely. They have decided to come to Rayford on Thursday, so I called the park and made their arrangements. We had a nice visit with them and later came on back home. It had been a long day but we got a lot done.

So long.

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