Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday October 2, 2010-Serendipity Bay RV Park

We woke this morning to cooler temperatures than we have been having, but then it's the beginning of the fall season here in south Texas. We enjoyed it and I took a walk around the park to celebrate.

We heard from Mike and Patrice this morning that they are coming in this afternoon from Donna where they picked up their new Bighorn 3580 from Ron Hoover. They just bought a used Bighorn and a used Ford truck but Patrice decided that she didn't like the truck, so they traded it back in to McRee Ford in Dickinson for a new Ford Dually F-350. This is the truck they took on vacation to Colorado with us, and I must say, it's a very pretty truck. I love the pearl white color, which I'm told, isn't available in other brands of trucks. It is available in half-ton trucks but not the one tonners. I guess I don't understand why they won't try to accommodate their customers...

They kept their first Bighorn from July until now and found the model they liked at a price they would pay down in Donna at the Ron Hoover dealership there, so they came down and bought it. When they got here with the new trailer, it has a lot of features that we like,, we're not buying a new trailer right away.

This afternoon we went to Stella's class reunion in Blessing. It was a huge affair, with about 180 people there. The classes at the Tidehaven High School were very small, but the reunions are open to any graduates in the decade, with one class being honored. It was very nice and I saw a few people that I recognized, but of course Stella knew everyone there. It was a fun time and we had a good time. I even ran into a guy that I worked with at Big 3 but I don't know if he remembered me. After all, I left there in 1982, when I went to work for the Dickinson Police Dept. Ah yes, I remember those days....

We returned to the park and tried to sit outside but the skeeters soon ran us inside the new trailer. We visited and reminisced with Mike and Patrice until we got sleepy and went back home. It has been a very nice day that we will remember forever.

So long.

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