Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday to Sunday, October 8-10, 2010-Class Reunion Days-Galveston

Friday morning, I found that my truck had a flat tire. I got Bill to take me and Stella to work and he and I went to look at some trucks. We looked at Munday Chevrolet but they had no dually trucks in stock, so we came on back home. I added air to the flat tire and took the truck over to Discount Tires to have the flat repaired. They did an outstanding job of getting me going again, so I had time to come back and pick up all the stuff we carried to Kim's house for the weekend. We made the trip to Texas City without incident and had time to visit with the boys for a bit before we had to leave for Galveston. When we started to leave, Cameron asked where were WE going, and we told him to Galveston for my reunion. Tyler gave us a curfew of 10:00 to be back home, so with these instructions, we took off for Galveston.

We went to Gaido's for supper tonight. Gaido's has been known for many years as an excellent seafood restaurant, and tonight was no exception. The food was wonderful and we had a really good turnout for our 45th reunion. There was probably 150 people here tonight and we had a great time. We didn't make it back to Kim's house on time to make our curfew, but we weren't too late.

I took the boys to pick up breakfast on Saturday morning at a taquiera in Texas City. They recommended a certain breakfast taco, so since there were 6 of us eating breakfast, I bought 10 tacos, not realizing that they cost $3.29 each and were HUGE! After suffering shock when told how much the bill was, we came on back to Kim's house and had breakfast. They were very good, but for that much money we could have all eaten a full breakfast.

We went to watch Cam's baseball game that he pitched in. His team won (of course) and he did really well. He hit a double and two runs scored and he made a couple of good defensive plays. It was good to be back down there to watch him play. I know he has missed having us at his games.

Saturday night's reunion dinner was at Willie G's restaurant on Harborside n Galveston. There was an even larger turnout tonight and we had another great time seeing my classmates, most of whom I haven't seen since graduating from high school. Many of them were interested in our lifestyle and said they wished they could do what we're doing. I gave out some of my cards and told them to contact me if they want to come here and visit.

We were again on a curfew, but were later getting back to Kim's house tonight but everyone was still awake when we got there. I slept in Cameron's bed both nights and he went to sleep with me. I expected Stella to get him up and move him to another bed or the couch, but she let him sleep all night with PePaw. Let me say that he can kick like a mule, and that's all I want to say about that (Forest Gump voice)!

We got up Sunday morning and went to Ryan's for breakfast. It was good but not outstanding, and we all got very full. We went back home about 11 and made good time back to Rayford. We spent the afternoon moving into our rally site, #95. This is one of the premium sites in the front with a large patio, firepit and gas grill, so we are now set for the rally next weekend. We're looking forward to a good turnout and another great time with our friends.

So long.

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Patrice said...

I am afraid Jay and Stella haven't had any adventures since Oct. 10. Wassup wit dat, JJ? We all miss you!!!