Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday thru Sunday, October 11-17, 2010 Rayford Crossing RV Resort (Heartland RV Rally week)

This week was a blur of friends arriving and hanging out with them as they arrived. We have been anticipating this rally for several months and it is finally here.

Bill and Ornell were in on Friday and Ricky and Dee came in over the weekend, so we all went out to eat Sunday night at the Steel City Pizza here in Spring after we got back from my reunion weekend. It was a very good time with our old friends and the pizzas were delicious as usual.

Monday was our regular day off, so we tried to get some errands done, but it was also Columbus Day, so the banks and government offices were closed. You know how those bankers and Feds are when it comes to taking every available holiday. Bill and Ornell went back home for the day and of course, Ricky and Dee were working (ugh, that word!), so we ran our errands and stopped off at the El Palenque to eat.

Our Heartland friends began arriving on Tuesday and I did my best to meet with each of them as they arrived and spend some time with them.

Wednesday, even more of our Heartland friends arrived and we all had some good visit times during the day. A large group of us, about 18 people, went to the Casa Imperial for supper and we came back and sat outside talking and catching up with each other.

By Thursday almost everyone had arrived. We all visited all day but when supper time came around, we went to eat a hamburger with Pat and Lori at the 3-B's saloon and hamburgers. Their burgers are about as good as they come in this area and we had a good time. Again we returned home and sat outside, chatting with our friends.

Friday was the big day for arrivals, with the last of the Heartlanders arriving. Since we were all on different schedules for arriving and eating, we all went our separate ways for supper. My big news for today and as it turns out, the rest of the weekend was my truck. Stella took it to work this morning and called to tell me it was running real rough and had almost died at one of the traffic lights. I went to supper with Tom and Marti and a new club member named Karen. Pat and Lori came in their truck and we all went to Timber Ridge to get Stella. I drove my truck and it ran just fine. I just figured that it had some trash in the fuel that had gone on through and it didn't give any more trouble tonight. We all had plenty to eat at Mel's, although we didn't have a very good waitress for the first time here. We came on back to the park and had a campfire at my site. We stayed outside until after 10 o'clock again, so that is one of the reasons that I got so far behind on my blogging. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Saturday morning, I got up and drank coffee with the guys in the rally hall and made coffee in the Rayford Room for the rally breakfast. As usual, the potluck breakfast was great and we all had a very nice time. After breakfast, Pat and I went to get some more firewood in my truck. When we got in it, it ran very bad and vibrated something fierce. We only drove it a couple of blocks before we returned to the park and took Pat's truck. I don't know what is wrong with my truck, but will take it somewhere on Monday to get it looked at.

I had to promise Lori that I would wash their truck because they had made an appointment with Dr. Detail to come wash their truck and trailer. As it turned out, Dr. D never showed up, so it is very likely that we won't use his service again.

The catered meal on Saturday night was very good. It was furnished by Ron Hoover RV's, who had brought a couple of trailers out to display. Both trailers were not very well equipped and had some small issues with them that should have been caught by the dealer before bringing them out. They didn't do so, and the salesman and his wife didn't seem too interested, so it was a slow weekend for trailer looking and of course, no sales were made. Its funny that when Camping World was our servicing dealer and participated in our rallies, they consistently sold trailers, but this is twice that Hoover has been here and no one even looked at the trailers with buying on their mind.

Sunday sadly everyone, with only a couple of exceptions, had to leave to go back home. With many hugs and handshakes, we saw everyone off. We returned to our trailer to rest up after the long and late-hours rally. We had a great time and hope that everyone else that came did also. I am making plans for another one in April.

My main focus is getting my truck running right again and that will be my first priority on Monday.

So long.

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