Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thursday September 30, 2010-Bentsen Palms Village

Today was our last full day here in the valley. Ted, Donna and Susan went to the butterfly gardens in the morning and Tommy and us stayed in the park. Mike and Patrice came up last night to pick up their new trailer from Ron Hoover RV and they came out to spend some time with us in the park. When the butterfly garden tour was over, we decided to go eat at Furr's Buffet again. Ted and Donna had to go back across the border to return some of the medications that she had bought. Mike and Patrice went to pick up their new trailer and we went by South Texas GMC where I had left my truck for repair to the water pump. It wasn't ready yet but they told me to call back later in the afternoon.

Tommy took us for a drive over the levee behind the park. We had not been up there and it showed how close to the border this park is. I can see why the Border Patrol spends so much time up here and why we see so many helicopters monitoring this area.

We hung out at the park for the afternoon until I got the call from the dealership that my truck was ready. Ted, Tommy and I went to get it while the girls found a place to eat supper. About $1,700 later I picked up my truck, but at least it is fixed and the dang "low coolant" light should not come back on now! That will be a big relief, but very expensive. We went to eat at a place called McAllister's Deli and had some good food. When we got through eating we began to put things away in preparation for leaving tomorrow. We had not put out too much stuff but we were ready to get back home. Ted and Donna have decided to stay here for a couple more days, but Tommy and Susan will be leaving early in the morning.

We have had such a good time here and I am sure we will return.

So long.

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