Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday October 15, 2012-Inks Lake State Park

We got up this morning and went to the park store to sign up to work there. I realized when I started writing this that I had omitted the entry for Saturday, so I guess I had better back off and tell you about that.

We had originally signed up to work at the boat rental on Saturday from 11-4. Another host named Marty works in the rental area but he got off at 3, so he could be there to train us for a few hours before he left. The training didn't take that long, but there were some issues over closing times and the times for cut-off of boat rentals. Once we got this straightened out, things went very well.

It was hot and muggy and there were lots of people renting boats and we decided to work over until 6 to help out the ladies in the store. They would have had to take care of the store and boats too. It wasn't that much physical work, but there are the boats to be checked in and all the equipment, oars, life jackets and then having the guest sign the ticket that they had returned everything. We were glad to help out and later decided to volunteer for this spot permanently.

As I said earlier, we told the ladies that we wanted to work in the rentals on Thursday thru Sunday. We will be there to close all four days, and this will take care of our total hours for the week. We also spoke with Chris, the lead Ranger. He was fine with what we had offered in the store and I told him to call me if he needed help with other odd jobs.

We had also signed up to work a late-night (11PM-12M) monitoring job at the front gate. Austin headquarters is asking for monitoring of the front gate at different times of the week for people entering the park. There are no gates into the park, so I guess they are curious about how many people come in at these times. At any rate, we stayed up late (very late for me!) and not one vehicle came through.  We did our duty but to me, it was a waste of time.

On Monday, after we got all squared away with work, we went over to Kingsland where we met Tommy and Susan to hang out with them. We went over to Llano where we looked around for Bill and Mary's RV park-didn't find it- and went for lunch at a place called Coopers Bar B Que. This was some of the best barbecue we have ever eaten. You walk in and buy your meat right off the grill and then go inside to get sides and drinks. It was a different place, but the food was excellent. I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area.

So long.



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