Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday October 9, 2012-Inks Lake State Park

Well, we are all settled in at Inks Lake. Below you will see our site with the truck backed in front of the trailer. The site is very shady and seems to be very nice. We are looking forward to our stay here.

 It was difficult to get into this site because of the proximity of the trees and some low-hanging branches that dragged on the front of the trailer when backing in.

Here is our front yard which is also very shaded. We have deer in the yard every morning and evening. The dogs don't seem to see the beauty of wild animals but maybe after our time here they will.

We went down to the maintenance office where we met Terry Young, the Assistant Superintendent of the park and the coordinator for the Park Hosts. He introduced us to several people that we will be working with including another Park Host couple. We got our ID cards and some shirts to wear when we are working. We still don't have an assigned job and the head Ranger is off this week, so we are kind of at loose ends right now. We will go out tomorrow and see what we can find.

We went into Burnet to the HEB store to do some shopping. We came back home by the long way which includes a very steep hill that is a lot of fun to drive. There is also a huge castle out in the woods that someone built several years ago. I believe it is used for weddings, receptions and parties. It just looks strange for this tall castle to be out in the middle of the forest.

After getting home and unloading our groceries, we came in and relaxed for awhile but soon had a visitor, our friends Bill and Mary! They drove over from Llano where they are staying. Bill found a real deal on an RV park over there that includes as much golf as he wants to play for a very good price. They have decided to stay there for the winter season, so we will have time to get together with them again.

This is turning out to be a very nice place and we are looking forward to our stay here.

So long.

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