Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday October 20, 2012-Inks Lake State Park

Today was a regular work day for us. We relieved Marty, the other park host that works in boat rentals and he was glad to see us. The park is full again this weekend and likely will be until Thanksgiving unless the weather turns cold. I noticed that many of the people in tents had left this morning. It was chilly, about 49 this morning, and they left.

We were busy all afternoon but had fun with the folks that we served. The only problems that we had were a couple of the paddle boats went outside the restricted area but I said something to them when they returned and I think I made my point with them. Paddle boats are not allowed out into the main lake because of the power boats that are also in the lake. The paddle boats are slower and much more difficult to maneuver out of the way, so it is a safety issue. The park once rented boats out overnight but don't any more. There are no lights on the rental canoes, kayaks or paddle boats, so again it is a safety issue. The park had no control of people taking the boats out after dark.

I had to wrestle a canoe and a kayak into the proper position for locking them up. Folks are asked to return the boats to the same position they are in but sometimes don't do it and then we have to turn them around. The boats are heavy and have to be picked up and turned around so that the security rings match up. I was told that one of the projects is to put security rings on both ends of the boats but it hasn't been done yet. Maybe I'll ask about it and we'll get it done before we leave.

We have been doing much better on our eating and came home and only had a light supper before relaxing in front of the television. We have good TV reception and Internet here, thank goodness. Much better than the higher dollar "resort" in Creede. I've said enough about that.

So long.

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