Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday October 14, 2012-Inks Lake State Park

We went over to Tommy and Susan's site at the Sunset Shores RV Resort. We sat out on the grass beside Lake LBJ and you can see how they named this place. Tommy and Susan got the nicest site in the park, and I am envious. This is a beautiful park and great site.

This is probably as pretty a sunset as you will find, and it happens here every day! You can just see a large flock of ducks floating in the lake. They line up in a long line every afternoon and float off into the middle of the lake. We later asked one of the park rangers here and he said they probably spend
the night out in the middle for their safety.

Lexie, Susan's Labradoodle, enjoys laying in the cool grass, not paying a bit of attention to the beautiful area where she is. Oh, to be an RV'ers doggie!

So long.

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