Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Trois Estate photos

Here is a mound on the floor of the balcony that is in the form of the Enchanted Rock that can be seen in the distant background. The large vent fan is for the kitchen of the restaurant below.

The entire area is in an adobe style with narrow roads as in a Mexican village. The buildings and roads appear to be very old but we learned that the construction of the property was begun in 1998.

The entire balcony was done in a mosaic pattern and the furniture matches. I must assume (and I know what that means!) that the furniture came from Mexico, where I have seen similar pieces.

The indoor pool is in a grotto. complete with man-made stalactites. I didn't get a photo of the rounded roof in this building. The inside is rounded and covered in bricks, which again makes it look very old. Details like these are seldom seen any more.

This is the stage in a bar in another building. Notice all the trophies on the wall.
 Another small figurine on the bar. The bar is used if there are activities here. The plan is to rent/lease many of the buildings to vendors and this work is still under construction. Even though the buildings look old, I noticed modern plumbing and electrical in the buildings.

Still in the barroom are more antiques. The old Indian mannequin, the calendar on the left side of the picture is from 1940 and seems to be perfect. The picture of President Lincoln on the right side appears to be an original, but I guess all of these can be duplicated and made to look old.

Some more details of the property are that the couple that developed and built it are now divorced. They both continue to live here, the man in one of the adobe buildings near his showroom, and the woman lives in a 20,000 square foot underground home that we did not get to see. We met the man in his showroom, which is approximately 8,000 square feet and houses a huge gun and trophy collection which is shown by appointment only.

I can't rave enough about this place. It is being used for weddings, receptions and parties. In case you're wondering, we found the rates pretty reasonable. Regular room are $159 per night during the week and $229 on the weekend. Both include a gourmet breakfast prepared by the chef. The bridal suite is $259, breakfast included. It should be a real attraction when built out and with the stores and shops open.

We finished this day by going to a place called Cooper's Bar B Q in Llano. It is a different serving method here. We were served at the outdoor barbecue pit, where there were several large pieces of meat. Take your pick of brisket, sausage, turkey or large beef roast, as much as you want. It is very easy to ask for much more of this delicious meat than you want or need. We went inside for side dishes and of course to pay and eat our meal. It was probably some of the best barbecue that we've ever had. Very much worth the trip!

So long.

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