Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday & Friday, October 11 & 12, 2012-Inks Lake State Park

Just a quick update from the last two days. We haven't been doing a lot around the park.....yet. Chris, the lead Ranger should be back next week and give us some assignments so we'll be busier and time will go by faster. Everything is working well here, the Internet has a good strong signal and the satellite is working very well with local (Austin) television stations.

I've met some of the other hosts, Mike and his wife Linda. They are newly retired and just getting started in their new life. Mike told me that they still own a house but plan to sell it and downsize. He said they have looked at some of the patio homes with an attached RV port but are still trying to decide.

Weekend campers started coming in yesterday and man, you can see it all here! I have seen everything from Big ol' Allegro Bus motorhomes to little tiny "teardrop" trailers that are not much larger than our bathroom. There are scores of small pull trailers that are about the size of our bedroom, but the smallest that I've seen is a man and woman on a motorcycle that is pulling a trailer. Their sleeping arrangements are an aluminum cot with a tent over the bed. They must bathe in the park showers and change into pajamas there and crawl into their bed. Talk about no privacy! You know what they say, "it takes all kinds", but that's awfully small! Don't even think about "fun times while camping"! This is a family blog...

So long.

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