Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tuesday October 16, 2012, Inks Lake State Park

Tommy and Susan found out about a place that is across the road from the Enchanted Rock Park called the Trois Estate. We found it this morning and WOW! what a place it is! I don't know when I've ever seen as eclectic collection of artifacts and buildings, almost too much to tell about.

There were many rooms and halls on this property. This deer-horn mirror is in one of the buildings that has several rooms with a large meeting hall on the ground floor. 

I guess Stella has found a new friend. I'll certainly be nicer to her as long as he is around. I later learned that the owners had many full size trophies, but many have been sold.

The door on the right is one of the rooms that is available for rental. We were all amazed at the collections. See below:

 I don't have any idea where these mannequins and small-scale buckboard came from, but there were many in this hall.

 It also contained these old cowboy outfits, but all the guns are BB guns!

Many of the BB guns were in their original boxes and brought back memories of my childhood. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and many of the other old Hollywood cowboys were represented. I will add more photos to my next entry.

If you're ever in the area, it is worth it to stop by this place and check it out.

So long.

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