Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday October 31, 2012-Inks Lake State Park

So, here we are on Halloween night and there are no ghosts or goblins here in the park, but worst of all, no kids to come trick or treating to get the candy that Stella bought. I think she bought it for us, but don't tell her that I figured it out...

Here is a sunset photo that I took at the park where Tommy and Susan were, Sunset Shores. You can see why they named it, because their site was right on the shore of the lake, and man! look at that sunset!

This is a place called Cooper's Barbecue in Llano. We ate there with Tommy and Susan but came back with the Park Host group from here. When you walk up you see all the pits outside the restaurant. I didn't ask how often they use the rest of the pits.

You walk up and choose what meat(s) you want and how much. It smells great, but the barbecue is even better than it smells. I don't know when I've had better barbecue. All the sides and desserts (about 6 different cobblers!) are inside. Not a place to go if you're on a diet.

 This is our work area at the boat rentals in the park store. Only shown in the photo are the paddle boats. We also have canoes and both single and double occupant kayaks. Yes, the lake is really that gorgeous!

Here is our group of park hosts at Coopers. I didn't waste any time taking photos with the hot food in front of me, but did manage to get almost everyone in the picture after we ate. I came up with the idea to come here, and hope to be able to put something together weekly for us to get together and visit.

Here is a sunset shot across Inks lake taken about an hour ago. It isn't the mountains of Colorado, but it ain't bad!

So long.

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Larry and Samantha Bandstra said...

Wow, what a spread!

Like you, we did not get any trick or treaters. But we never do in our subdivsion-we are far out from town.