Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday August 2, 2013-Dan and Karen's house

Another beautiful day in the UP! It rained overnight and we woke to cool temperatures -again- but clear skies......nice!

What I discovered when looking back on our first trip up to visit was that exactly 2 years ago today we got here. I didn't plan to be here on the anniversary, but it worked out that way.

Here is our site in the driveway. Please not the trees behind the trailer. See the pictures below for the reason.

We haven't been able to get the antenna to lock onto the satellite because of those pesky trees. As you can see, Dan and I have done our best to get the antenna pointed in the right direction with some home-made elevation. 

We got the elevation from a pair of saw horses and some boards, all held down by some bungee cords. We leaned it back, trying to get the automatic dish to lock in, and got a signal -very briefly- but it went away and we could not get a lock again. Them rednecks ain't got nuthin' on us!

They have a really nice place. 

Almost park-like! Plenty of room for another trailer.  

Some of the vegetation behind our trailer. Dan keeps his place mowed and landscaped very well. And after seeing his shops and barn it's easy to see why they'll probably never go full time.

Dan fixed us some delicious pork ribs last night but tonight, I'm told that we will be dining on fried fish in town. I'm sure it will be very good too. Probably not as good as Dan's ribs, but very good. I'll be sure to let you know.

So long.

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