Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday August 20, 2013-Country Village RV Park

Today I took Bernie along with our friends from Florida, Kim and Dottie, to the LakenLand junkyard art property on the other side of Marquette. I didn't take any more photos of this since we had just been here on August 5th and added to a blog post found HERE. Everyone was delighted with this property as we were when we saw it.

The photos below are of the Kellogg mansion property that is just outside of Gresham WI. Bernie and I were shopping in town and learned about this place from a shop owner.

This is a city-owned dam and waterfall that leads into the Wisconsin river. I am not sure what if anything, by the dam but the building below probably controls the flow of water.

Looking downriver from the headwaters of the river below the dam. It is very serene along the river and many fish can be seen in the clear water.

This view is from the upper stories of the old house. You can see the white water from a waterfall and some rapids.

Here is Bernie, doing his thing of placing a Munzee on an electrical box. This was the only one that he deployed on the property.

It was a pretty good hike up the road to the house. I saw a real estate sign that was on the property, so I assume that the agent keeps the property mowed.

We were told that the Kellogg family built this house for their daughter, but sadly, she passed away before moving into the house. I was unable to find out very much else. I did talk to someone with the real estate office but he said it had been a retreat for the Catholic church at one time. He estimated that the house is 70-80 years old.

A beautiful view of the river from the upper floors.

The old house is in pretty bad shape. The interior has been gutted and as you can see in the picture below, trees and bushes now grow on the balconies and the roof.

I still love the view of the river. Of course, I can see a beautiful RV park or a bed and breakfast in the old building, but it would take a fortune to do either. Anyone got some piles of money to invest?

Looking upriver, you can see some paddlers and canoeists in a small gathering area. Someone has piled up rocks to prevent anyone in a boat or kayak from going through the rapids or over the waterfall. We didn't explore any further downstream.

I have some more photos from yet another junkyard art place that we found. I will add them to tomorrow's entry along with an update of the rally that will be starting here in Michigan.

So long.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that the photos you took of the Mansion in Gresham is not the Kellogs it is Peter's Mansion.

Thank you.